The RETENTION Platform is a smart healthcare system designed to assist patients with heart failure. Comprising three main components—the Global Insights Cloud (GIC), the Clinical Site Backend (CSB), and the Patient Edge (PE)—the platform offers a comprehensive approach to healthcare.

  • The GIC analyses patient data and trains intelligent computer programmes. 
  • The CSB supports doctors in daily patient check-ups, data collection, and utilising smart programmes to aid patients. 
  • Meanwhile, the PE enables continuous monitoring of patient health by both patients and doctors.

The RETENTION Platform aims to revolutionise patient and clinician routines. For patients, it provides personalised monitoring and feedback, facilitating better health management. Clinicians benefit from streamlined patient care processes, gaining comprehensive insights for proactive intervention and personalised treatment plans. By seamlessly integrating into existing workflows, the platform enhances efficiency and effectiveness, ultimately improving outcomes for heart failure patients.

Utilising advanced technology like virtual machines and cloud computing, the RETENTION Platform has undergone rigorous testing to ensure effectiveness.

In a scientific paper that we have recently presented at the 17th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies in Rome, we explain the functionality of the RETENTION Platform and its potential to enhance healthcare for heart failure patients.

Read the full paper here

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